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With experienced R&D engineers and employees with good self-discipline, we've run a reliable business in filling industry for decades. We value every single client and always do our best on each project.

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Over 20 Years Juice & Milk Bottle Filling Rinsing Capping Machine Manufacturer | GEO HON

Based in Taiwan, Geo Hon Enterprises Co., Ltd., since 1999, is a beverage bottle filling, rinsing, capping equipment supplier. Main product, including Conveyor System, Mixing equipment, bottle unscrambler, rotary bottle rinsing filling and capping and so forth. GEO HON supplies processing machinery for water, dairy products and juice with solid reputation.

GEO HON has the ability to design and manufacture juice and dairy product processing equipment to enrich your beverage business. And the bottle washing, filling, capping equipment is built to lower your production cost.

GEO HON has been offering customers high-quality juice & milk bottle filling rinsing and capping machine, as well as its processing equipment since 1999, both with advanced technology and 18 years of experience, GEO HON ensures each customer's demands are met.

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  • Conveyor System
    Conveyor System

    We worked out a detailed layout, showing the lengh, width, and number of lines of offer conveyor, including sufficient buffer conveyor for each machine. This conveyor system is by using a blower generation air pressure to drive the empty bottle moving forward. High efficiency. All kinds of Water handle machines PET injection machine and blowing machine Beverage preparation, production line cleaning Sterilization system 0.5 Liter Drinking Bottle 0.5L Glass Bottle Filling Machine 0.5L Plastic Bottle Filling Machine Pet Water Bottle Filling Machine Blow Moulding Machine Filling Machine Bottle Capping Machine Pet Perform Bottle Making Machines Liquid Filling Machine Vodka Bottle Filling Machine PET Blowing Machine Pet Bottles for Drinking Water Oil Filling Machine Bottle Caps 20 Liter Bottle Blowing Machine

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