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With experienced R&D engineers and employees with good self-discipline, we've run a reliable business in filling industry for decades. We value every single client and always do our best on each project.

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Over 20 Years Juice & Milk Bottle Filling Rinsing Capping Machine Manufacturer | GEO HON

Based in Taiwan, Geo Hon Enterprises Co., Ltd., since 1999, is a beverage bottle filling, rinsing, capping equipment supplier. Main product, including Mixing equipment, bottle unscrambler, rotary bottle rinsing filling and capping and so forth. GEO HON supplies processing machinery for water, dairy products and juice with solid reputation.

GEO HON has the ability to design and manufacture juice and dairy product processing equipment to enrich your beverage business. And the bottle washing, filling, capping equipment is built to lower your production cost.

GEO HON has been offering customers high-quality juice & milk bottle filling rinsing and capping machine, as well as its processing equipment since 1999, both with advanced technology and 18 years of experience, GEO HON ensures each customer's demands are met.

Food & Beverage Machine Manufacturing|Food Machinery, Food Machine, Multipurpose Filling and Forming Machine Industry

Company Profile


Founded in 1999, although our Company has only been established for more than 20 years, it has always carried out the founder’s philosophy of operation—sustainable development. The ways the early founder managed the production of Kee Seng Enterprises Corporation and the culture of the Company the founder developed are like the relation between teachers and students. The employees have to explore what they do not know while the teachers would stand by and provide timely instructions. Therefore, each experienced staffs has established great foundation at work, with authentic skills and experience. Kee Seng Enterprises Corporation were well-known in Taiwan. The Company did not encounter many competitors in traditional machinery industry in early period of time. The Company prospered for producing produce-oriented canned foods at that time. Later on, because the center of Taiwan’s industries was shifted to manufacturing, the market for canned foods was shrinking. The Company then changed the packing materials into mainly glass and plastic bottles. “With the transition based on the trends of the market, the Company has become what it is today. In the past, we focused on “sustainability,” indicating inheritance of experience and improvement and transition with time; now, we stress more on “development” because we would like to make great progress. We obviously grow in a short time because we turn from traditional experience-oriented management into a new way of management for internal process control and material control so as to make maximal profits with existing resources.”

Thanks to the whole team’s decades of experience as well as our clients who have supported us for more than ten years, such as Uni-President, Wei Chuan, AGV, Taiwan Farmer’s Association Dairy, Kagome, Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc., and other famous companies in Taiwan, the Company can have a chance to expand overseas market. We always keep in mind the corporate culture and philosophy of giving the best service, making better quality, and sustainable development. With decades of experience for planning, designing, manufacturing, and serving for a series of beverage and food processing equipment and extensive skills, research, development, design, manufacturing, sustainable development, and perfect services, we provide the best for the industry.

The products manufactured by the Company include: bottle Rinser Machine, bottle Filling Machine, bottle capping machine, carton packing machines, Conveyor system, and pre-processing equipment, etc