Rotary Bottle Filling-Capping Machine

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Based in Taiwan, Geo Hon Enterprises Co., Ltd., since 1999, is a Rotary Bottle Filling-Capping Machine | beverage bottle filling, rinsing, capping equipment supplier. Main product, including Mixing equipment, bottle unscrambler, rotary bottle rinsing filling and capping and so forth. GEO HON supplies processing machinery for water, dairy products and juice with solid reputation.

GEO HON has the ability to design and manufacture juice and dairy product processing equipment to enrich your beverage business. And the bottle washing, filling, capping equipment is built to lower your production cost.

GEO HON has been offering customers high-quality juice & milk bottle filling rinsing and capping machine, as well as its processing equipment since 1999, both with advanced technology and 18 years of experience, GEO HON ensures each customer's demands are met.

Rotary Bottle Filling-Capping Machine|Food & Beverage Machine Manufacturing

Rotary Bottle Filling-Capping Machine


Rotary Bottle Filling-Capping Machine

  • It uses a screw shaft and a star wheel to feed in the bottles to ensure stable lrun.
  • The machine case and the parts contacting with the materials are made of stainless steel which ensures the good external look and easy washing.
  • It uses frequancy changer to control the main machine motor. And it has an output number indicating function which is easy to control the adjustment of the output.
  • The suspending driving gear set makes maintenance simple and easy. This machine takes use of the belt acceleration to deliver the regular and reverse bottles into the erect wheel of the verticalmain machine and makes the empty bottles stand on the lift plate main machine. Because all the empty bottles can enter the upright main machine in both regular and reverse directions, the stay duration of empty bottles in the select storage barrel shortens and the scratch of the empty bottle appearance diminshes.
  • It is suitable for screwing glass, PET bottles and filling tomato, ketchup, juice,mineral water, milk, wine and other liquid products.
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